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We are Betty Glam Boutique / BGB. 
BGB is an YYZ based ladies fashion e-boutique bringing you fun,  flirty, glamorous-
yet affordable pieces for a stylish #OOTD.
At BGB, we are obsessed with all things classy, feminine, glitz & glam
and effortlessly chic.
A Betty Glam Darling is a modern, chic and fashion-forward lady.
She is a positive, free-spirited, people-loving, confident girl who stands out in a crowd. 
As our founder, Betty (g)Lam likes to say-   "There are no plain outfits - only plane
All of our products were handpicked with love and with our customers
(as well as with the quote "I don't dress for
boys - I dress to get compliments from girls in public bathrooms") in mind.
Okay- just kidding about the last part (maybe)-  but we've got you covered with a
wide selection of flattering bodysuits, to stylish boss-babe / workplace wear, to embellished pieces, to maxi gowns, to 
curve-hugging jumpsuits, to
flattering going-out-out dresses and classy soiree gowns.
Our high-quality and show-stopping styles are inspired by empowered body-positive women, and those who love to flaunt what their mama gave'em!
Let's just say - BGB is a place where the two B-words - "boring" and "basic" are non existent in our fashion vocab or wardrobe. 


We aim to build a global and socially conscious community to  empower women around the world. 
Betty Lam has always been surrounded by many amazing females (From joining a sorority, to
taking women and gender study classes, to studying Fashion
Management, volunteering abroad on Women Empowerment projects and working at an all Female
Executive Team) - and has been inspired by their lives and stories. 
" When women support each other incredible things happen!"
We strongly believe in supporting the
values and rights of women everywhere. Every girl and woman deserves a fulfilling and
empowered life free of violence, abuse and discrimination. 
BGB will donate $1 for every sale generated through our e-boutique to "Futures Without Violence"
(to learn more about ending violence against women, visit: 
Futures Without Violence Betty Glam Boutique is a brand that not only delivers trendy and ultra-
stylish pieces at affordable prices, but also one that believes in positive vibes, looking glamorous
while doing good at the same time!

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