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Interview with LA Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs- SACHIKA Twins

Back in November 2018 - I received one of those LinkedIn email notifications letting me know that a 'To-Tam Sachika - CEO / Fashion Designer at SACHIKA Inc.' has added me. 
Being an all-things fashion and gowns enthusiast - I was intrigued by the 'Fashion Designer' title and had to check out (slash creep) her LinkedIn page - boy was I impressed! I looked up SACHIKA online - and immediately fell in love with their flirty and feminine brand and pieces.
Truth be told, I am not as active on LinkedIn as I should be - but I had to message To-Tam and let her know that I found her and her sister's story to be so inspiring. 
We chatted briefly online and I may or may not have also messaged To-Tam saying ''Currently gushing over your elegant boss lady blazers, gowns and jumpsuits online.''
Early January I decided that I wanted to start doing spotlight features / interviews on glamorous & inspirational fashionistas / boss (babes) / go-getters / girls who were kicking 🍑 in life - the Sachika twins were at the top of my mind. 
Read on to find out how these serial entrepreneurs built their empire, their advice for young entrepreneurs, their biggest hurdles and triumphs, tips on staying blissfully zen and happy - and much more!


To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika are fashion designers and founders of the brand SACHIKA. Being identical twins , from Vietnamese parents and born in France, the SACHIKA Twins are known to be the Yin and Yang of fashion: To-Tam is the head of business and a righty while To-Nya is the designer and a leftie. Moving to New York from Montreal, Canada with nothing but big dreams, the twins are the true manifestation of the American Dream. Bold, distinctive, uncompromising and authentic, they stick to their dreams visions no matter what. In 2009, they launched SACHIKA for the modern ambitious woman.  Currently based out of Los Angeles,  To-Tam and To-Nya recently launched BLACK SHEEP, their newest collection that celebrates being different, daring, an outcast and often, a rule breaker. Their flagship store is in Montreal. Growing up with Vietnamese parents who don’t support the artistic lifestyle, the twins were stubborn and still went head with their dreams. Being minority and being women, they often faced adversity and judgement. Nothing could stop the SACHIKA Twins from their mission to help and dress the modern woman.

Today, SACHIKA has been featured included but not limited in publications such as Italian VOGUE, Forbes, ELLE Magazine, The Fader, Arise Magazine, Teen Vogue, Daily News, NY Times, Businessweek, Fashion Week Daily,,, Reuters, The LA Fashion Magazine, Regard Magazine, etc. SACHIKA was also featured on E! Entertainment, Fox News, Oxygen, BRAVO, Channel 11, TVOne, BET, Vh1, etc. Together, the Sachika Twins have graced the stages of New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week, Midwest Fashion Week, Viet Fashion Week & Toronto Fashion Week . and this is only the beginning.

They live by the quote : “Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve."



1. Hello Sachika Twins! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came to start with Sachika?
To-Nya knew she wanted to design since she was 9 years old. She later on pursue fashion design school meanwhile To-Tam     excelled as as singer. SACHIKA was born in New York in 2009 when To-Tam started wearing To-Nya's designing while performing as a singer. That's when To-Tam & To-Nya  decided they needed to join forces and work together to build their own brand. To-Nya as the designer and To-Tam as the heard of business. 
2. Scrolling through your Sachika Twins IG page - you are both so flippin' stylish. How would you describe your personal style?
Thank you. We each have our own personal style. To-Nya is a the Designer so she takes risk and loves colors meanwhile always staying feminine and sexy.  To-Tam loves clean lines, more classic bodies and colors, simple yet sophisticated cut,  with great attention to details.
3. What is the biggest hurdle for you / Sachika when you were starting out and how did you two overcome it?
I think the biggest hurdle was the lack of resources and the lack of funding. As young entrepreneurs, we didn't really have any mentor or anyone to guide us or to teach us what we know now. We had to learn on the go. Fudging wise; we  had saved money to start our own business but did not expect things to cost that much. To fund our business,  we ended up doing real estate in New York. 
4. And the biggest triumphs / proudest moments so far?
So many to name only  a few but to some up, the best moments wold probably be simply seeing some of these amazing women's face light up once they wore SACHIKA.
5. You two are fashion designers, owners of a luxury boutique and in real estate - your schedules must be jam packed! What do you like to do in your free time? How do you unwind?
We are indeed very busy but that's the lifestyle we chose and we sincerely love it. On our free time, we really enjoy cooking, dining (we are big foodies), watching movies, exploring  (traveling) and singing. We looooove karaoke singing.
6. Can you tell us what a day in the life of what Sachika twins look like?
Every day is different  but we typically wake up early, go through a bunch of meetings (to coordinate staff in Canada and US), follow up with vendors, check on quality control at the factory, follow up with important requests, both customers and clients (Sachika and real estate), we usually go to bed late lol. Some days are spent at the factory, other as the office, at the photos studios or on the field, meetings various vendors/clients.

7. What is something about having a life of entrepreneurs in the fashion industry that people would find most surprising?
The everyday life is not so glamorous. People think being in the fashion industry means you look fabulous everyday when in reality its very hard labour and required a high level of focus and labour.
8. Advice you would give to someone who is looking to start a career in entrepreneurship?
Focus on doing something that you love and make sure you do it well. Become the BEST AT IT. Most importantly, make sure that what you love to do is responding to a need or solving issues for people.  
9. What's the best career advice you have received so far?
Trust your intuition.
10. How often do you visit the Sachika Boutique to monitor how it's doing?
A few times a year. Typically once every season.
11. What are the best-sellers and/or most sought out pieces of Sachika?
It changes every season. Right now, some of our best sellers are:
The Oprah trench Coat, the Michelle Obama Jacket, the Isabelle Wrap Dress, The Jeannie Dress, The Sofia Pants, the Adrienne Lace top and the Blake Jumpsuit. 
12. Have you two ever taken advantage of the fact that you can easily pass for each other?
Yes younger, but not anymore haha. 
13. Favourite travel destination(s)?
For now, Bali and Turkey.
14. Top 3 favourite restaurants / cocktail spots (either in LA or anywhere) ?
Los Angeles:
15. What does feeling glamorous mean to you?
Glamorous means to be well dressed in a very elegant and chic way.
16. Favourite quote or motto to live by?

Whatever the Mind can Conceive & Believe, It can Achieve.
17. Any tips for staying blissfully calm, zen and happy?
Yes, meditate 10-20 minutes everyday and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Be grateful and know that it can always be worse.
18. Lastly, what is next for you two and Sachika in 2019 and/or in the near future?
We are currently designing our next collection Spring Summer 2019 and will be launching a fitness line in the spring. Very excited to break into the active-wear as we love fitness!
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    HEY! found you from Instagram. This was so fun to read and the Sachika outfits are all so beautiful xo

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